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BinRenew Does the Dirty Work for You!

Deodorize, Fight Bacteria and Grime!

Bin Renew is the only garbage can cleaning service in the area offering a revolutionary cleaning process using clean hot water. Other systems reuse dirty water that was previously used to clean bins. Our system heats the water to over 190 degrees and kills 99.9% of the bacteria currently living in your bins. Providing the most sanitary, effective and environmentally safe trash bin cleaning system is our priority.

Please Note:

Binrenew is now owned by
Green Can Cleaner
(720) 450-7791
Environmentally Friendly

Our vehicles are completely self-contained and do not allow for byproducts or used water to be released into storm drains. Our garbage cleaning service brings the water to the site and we leave with the used water, to be disposed of safely and in a way that isn't damaging to the environment.

We use only Green Seal certified products and our system is environmentally friendly.

We are not a franchise. We are a Veteran-owned and family owned business.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
After becoming a BinRenew customer, your service will be scheduled for one of your designated trash and recycle pickup days. Our technicians "shadow" the routes of the pickup companies. After the bins have been emptied, and while at the curb, our technicians come through to clean, sanitize and deodorize your bins. The service is complete, right there at your curb, with the application of an easily removable seal to let you know we were there. Our garbage can cleaning service takes just a few minutes and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Why choose BinRenew

  • High pressure water - inside and out
  • Kills 99% of bacteria
  • Hot Water
  • Deodorize
  • Self contained system
  • Affordable plans, no contracts!
  • Licensed and insured
  • Cleaned the same day your trash is picked up
  • Your bins will look and smell brand new!

How BinRenew Helps You!

High Pressure Hot Water
Inside and Out
Cleans & Deodorizes
Environmentally Friendly
Kills 99.9% of Bacteria
Cleaned the same day your trash is picked up
Self contained system
Your bins will look and smell brand new!
Castle Rock
Highlands Ranch
Lone Tree
Black Forest
Douglas County
North El Paso County
Arapahoe County
Top quality pressure washing
Driveways, sidewalks, patios, fences, houses and more!
Residential Trash Bin Cleaning
Commercial Trash Bin Cleaning
HOA Trash Bin Cleaning
Affordable plans, no contracts!
Licensed and insured
Satisfaction Guaranteed

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